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Arms Review


We all know how Nintendo casually takes genres and flips them on their heads in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Their fighting game ARMS makes no exception to that fact.

Taking the fighting genre and adding a special emphasis on punching by equipping the characters with customizable “ARMS” that all have different abilities and qualities.

As opposed to standing toe-to-toe with an opponent like a traditional fighter, characters in this game fight each other from a distance by literally launching their arms across the arena.  As if that weren’t already enough, players must jump to maneuver and evade attacks, grab their opponents to suppress attacks and use abilities up close amongst other factors like avoiding environmental affects which vary based on the arena you play in.

Originally there were 10 fighters available at launch which continues to grow as updates are rolled out.

The selection of fighters and ability to customize weaponry keeps the thrill and replayability factor high (multiplayer).

There are now 17 characters to choose from each with their own skill sets and abilities. Character stats are rated by hit points, movement speed, recovery time and special abilities. Each character has special abilities like Ribbon Girl’s ability to jump multiple times midair and Min-Min’s ability to block incoming attacks.

With that in mind, the way each character handles-as expected, completely different by default. There is a way however to take your favorite fighting styles from one character to another by unlocking arm attachments for your character via mini games that allow for a custom version of your favorite character.

Now let’s get a little more in-depth about the infamous ARMS themselves. These bad boys come in different sizes and are jam-packed with different abilities.

Larger slower ARMS can stop small ones with brute force, and smaller ARMS can usually get more hits in or use speed to get a tactical advantage.

In-between rounds the left and right ARMS are interchangeable based on what you have unlocked at the time. ARMS also have elemental attributes like fire, lightning and wind which can help by dealing extra damage, helping to defend, chances to stun and things of that nature. As an example, the electricity attribute will stop or limit the opponents ARMS from being able to attack, while Ice might slow an opponent or limit their jumping abilities.

As far as controlling the ARMS I can say that this is one game that really takes advantage of the motion control feature.  After getting used to the handling, you really feel like you’re in the fight, not stiff and awkward like previous motion fighting titles we’ve seen.

The gameplay is like no other fighting game before it and players usually get hooked from the start. Learning the games controls (especially motion) feels rewarding in the sense that it feels very exciting to out play or perfectly counter an opponent’s moves.

On a final note, ARMS has probably the slickest online setup Nintendo has ever done. The lobby system is beautifully made and fast passed. The graphic and music are also very well put together, we cant wait to see what future updates have in store.