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Custom Laser Cutting and Engraving Services

Our friend Axel over at CO2 Studio offers laser-cutting & engraving services and is based out of Puerto Rico.

Instagram: @co2pr

Etsy: CO2 Studio

He can create custom designs on many surfaces and even makes custom Nintendo Switch gear! Currently his best selling products are the alternative covers for PDP’s Light-Up Dock Shield.

These covers are acrylic panels that slide into their LED dock, you can then light these panels up to reveal the etched pattern in one of 4 colors.

PDP offers a handful of designs that come with the LED dock adapter, but Axel has created over 20+ different designs and also offers a custom design option in his shop.

Here is an in-depth review of his custom work by Time Lag Gaming.

Axel has helped us with some custom orders in the past that came out wonderful, and we look forward to working with him on future endeavors.

Below is a little more about Axel & CO2 Studio itself, don’t forget to check out his shop and give him a follow in Instagram.

  1. Can you tell us a little more about how you started CO2 Studio?

Answer: I started by making office signs out of wood and acrylic, and then moved on to offering laser-cutting services to design students in need of architectural models.

After a while I then began to explore what products I could create and sell, I then migrated CO2 Studio onto Etsy.

  2. Where did you get the idea to make custom Dock Plates?

Answer: As a consumer and gamer, I purchased the popular PDP Shield Light Dock and realized that they had limited designs. So I experimented with making custom acrylic plates for their product.

It was easy for me to merge my passion for videogames and design to create some awesome options. That is basically how I got into making these.

 3. Can you share a little more about your panels and designs?

Answer: As of today, there are 27 designs to choose from. Including characters from games like Mario, Dragonball and Pokemon.

Besides these designs, I also offer the option to create a custom design. Shoppers can either send me images to work with or simply tell me what they would like.

Custom plates are obviously made to order and the time it takes to create these may vary.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or make a request.

I find it so interesting to see the ideas people come up with and I also look forward to making more products available soon.

More Information

The designs I have already made go for $12.99 USD and custom designs cost $15.00 USD.

I’m currently offering free shipping to the United States.

For international orders, I ship only to Canada.

I stopped shipping to other countries because of shipping costs and delivery time.

If someone is really interested in buying, they could send me a message via Etsy to see if we can figure something out.

What do you think about CO2 Studio?

Has anyone ordered a custom plate?

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