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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

It was only a matter of time before the Rabbids would find their way into the Mushroom Kingdom!  Mario and Peach might disagree with me here, but I have to say I’m glad they did.
These mischievous little creatures are so full of energy and nonsense, which are some of my favorite characteristics especially to see in a mashup like this one.
I love them just as much as I hate them, being that there are Rabbid versions of of some of our favorite characters helping throughout the game.

It truly is a collaboration that I never expected, but it works so well.

The gameplay itself is turn based, where the player has the opportunity to plan each move before the enemy takes their turn.

On your turn there are plenty of options to choose from including attacking with weapons, dashing at enemies for a chance to take extra damage or using your teammate to help you jump into or out of the enemies range. There are other options like using a shield to defend yourself from attacks and even individual character abilities like Rabbid Peach’s team heal.

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After every battle you are rewarded depending on how well you did. For example, getting the best rewards would mean having no casualties on your team, while also defeating the enemy team within a minimal amount of turns.

So as you can see, lots of planning and strategy should go into each match. Also, as you progress through the story, enemies get stronger and play smarter. So you will find that upgrading weapons and abilities become a must.

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Making your way through the world is very straightforward and visually stunning might I add. There is so much to look at which keeps things interesting, even when you are just trying to get from one area to another.

These little details show that lots of effort went into the making of this game which makes me appreciate the experience that much more.

Strolling through the beautiful map enjoying the scenery, you may want to keep an eye out for collectables along the way. I would like to note that I do find collecting things fun, however I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that none of the collectables offer in game rewards or bonuses.

That would probably be my only criticism of the game to be honest, but that’s such a minor issue and definitely didn’t stop me from wanting to look for more collectables!

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Overall I think this is a great game and it actually surprised me how much I liked it. With the beautiful graphics, fun characters, quirky weapons and just the right type of difficulty–I think the developers got it just right.

I hope to see more of the Rabbids soon!