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Splatoon 2 Review


Have you ever wondered if an online shooter could be fun without actual guns or fiery explosions? Did you ever think “Hey, maybe I would like to be a squid?” Well maybe not the last part.

Splatoon 2 is a direct sequel to 2014’s original Splatoon on the Wii U. Splatoon 2 does not feel like a cut and paste job though. It breathes fresh ink in its own way from its predecessor.

Starting with the sound, the electro-pop is “off the hook” as Pearl, the new MC, and Marina, the new DJ, of Splatoon 2 would say. Upbeat energetic tracks get your ink going in either single or multiplayer playtimes. Though, “New Beginnings”, the ending track of the single player campaign, is a slow pop ballad that washes over you like inky waves of happiness.

Pearl and Marina are the coolest DJs out!

The graphics department has a nice upgrade too. It will be a little hard for those not trying to see the difference.

The ink has a shine and gleam to it as your inkling swims and moves about.

The scenery looks great and fills out more of the Inkling’s world around you. There are plenty of shops in Inkopolis Plaza where your very own highly personalized inkling can buy an assortment of different gear. From clothing and shoes, new ink weapons, or food at crusty Shaun’s food truck.

Inkopolis is where all the Inklings live!

Any players you play with in multiplayer will show up in your plaza where you will have a chance to order any gear they are wearing that catches your eye. Exact abilities cannot be controlled though.

Over my time playing Splatoon 2, I’ve really enjoyed multiplayer turf war which is the basic battle where you cover as much of the map with your own team’s color before the opposing team. It is an easy concept but battles can turn intense and crazy at the drop of a hat. Especially if you are playing with skilled players, which you will be finding plenty of.

The controls in Splatoon 2 have been modified to adjust to gameplay without the Wii U’s game pad, though; it retains motion controls and puts the map a quick tap away on the X button. Inklings react quickly to inputs with no lag and main actions will be mastered in no time.


There are of course ranked battles which rotate objectives every 2 hours along with what maps you will be playing on. Other play modes include Clam Blitz which is the latest installment of play modes. It has you collecting clams till you get enough to throw at the other team’s basket and break the shield allowing your team to score.

Rain Maker is a mode where one player guides a heavy ink weapon back to your team’s base while company provides support keeping the enemies from taking the rain maker.

Splat Zones is a fun mode where a designated area will be the target to cover in ink while the other team does the same. Small ink areas mean insane gameplay.

Tower Control is a mode where you will be riding an auto guided tower to the enemies’ base.

Splatoon 2 also introduces its own version of a horde mode with Salmon Run. In this mode you will be playing with others collecting salmon eggs and bringing them to a basket. Bosses will come every few rounds making salmon run highly entertaining while adding diversity to enemies.

Here is some Salmon Run action.

Not only is multiplayer fun but the story of the main campaign is also great. It follows two years after the original game and brings back the awesome and fun platforming with Splatoon’s colorful twist.

Marie, one of the awesome Squid Sisters, is looking for her cousin Callie who has gone missing and asks for your help to find her.

Playing through the story is a great way for you to get accustomed to the many different types of controls and weapons at your inkling’s disposal. Each level is different and it can get pretty challenging. Bosses are fun and each will make you smile while the last fight will definitely leave a lasting impression on you.

Shot for shot.

Overall, Splatoon 2 deserves its spot in the already amazing Nintendo Switch library of games. This is one you should not miss out on. Also, with a re-release coming up with an assortment of inky extras and a massive single player update coming up soon, it is the perfect time to pick up this great game.